Welcome to Asgardia Business Portal
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25 Sagittarius 0005
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Welcome to Asgardia Business Portal
Brought to you by Asgardia Ministry of Trade and Commerce in association with the Ministry of Justice

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Our Latest News
Beta Testing of Company Name Registrations
The beta testing for asgardia.trade is open - during this period we are testing user registrations, business name registrations, payment processing, emailing , 2Factor Authentication and password resets of users, Profile editing and user Avatars. To contain the system, only users with asgardia.space email addresses can register. As soon as the system seems stable, this restriction will be lifted. Why test Business Name Registrations? The name of your business is the most crucial element your customers use to identify you. All your positive brand equity, history, services, and reputation are tied to it. It’s the first thing they need to know before they do business with you or purchase your product and use it to differentiate you from similar traders. That makes it a pretty valuable asset and also normally precede the actual Business registration.
21 Scorpius 0005
Submit your business Idea
The first item of business is for Entrepreneurs to submit their business ideas for evaluation.

You can submit your ideas by pressing the "Register your start-up business idea" button above.

All ideas will be evaluated, and guidance given on them via email.

Submissions will also be registered in our Business Start-up registry for exposure and possible financing if so required.

16 Taurus 0005
New Trade and Commerce Website and Systems
Asgardia Ministry of Trade and Commerce will be developing systems and processes for businesses and consumers to perform trade and commerce activities in a structured and safe way, with safeguards for both parties.

Towards this end, we will be setting up digital online services and training support for Start-up businesses, existing businesses and business services.

Please feel free to join our telegram group (blue icon above) to keep up with development and progress.

Initial service rollout will or may be in English with other languages to follow soon

15 Taurus 0005
Asgardia Business Portal is developed by the Asgardia Ministry of Trade and Commerce in a simple and digital way to improve the ease of doing business in Asgardia, especially starting a business.
Asgardia Business Portal operates under the Asgardia Corporations and Enterprise (A.C.E.) Act