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6 Virgo 0008
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All legislation and policies pertaining to Trade and Commerce in Asgardia will be available from this page.

Все законы и политики, касающиеся торговли и коммерции в Асгардии, будут доступны на этой странице.

Toda la legislación y las políticas relacionadas con el comercio y el comercio en Asgardia estarán disponibles en esta página.
Codes of Ministries of Asgardia
No. 6 dated 20 Cancer 0005 (09 June 2023)

Pursuant to the Constitution of Asgardia Article 35, item 9 and the Asgardia Government Act approved by Decree No 60 of the Head of Nation of Asgardia on 15 Capricornus 0005 (17 December 2021) I hereby order to enacts the Asgardia Ministries' Codes. Lena De Winne, Prime Minister of Asgardia
Decree No 53
In line with the decision of the XI Digital Sitting of the Asgardian Parliament which took place on 15-17 Taurus 0005 (27-29 August 2021), and the letter from the Chairman of Parliament from 21 Libra 0005 (02 September 2021), in line with Section 18 of the Act on Acts, Head Of Nation hereby enact the Asgardia Companies Act. The Act is in effect as of the moment of publication of this Decree.
Decree No 69
Pursuant to the decision of the XIX Digital Sitting of the Asgardia Parliament on 13-15 Aries 0007 (10-12 March 2023) and the letter of the Chairman of Parliament dated 16 Aries 0007 (13 March 2023), pursuant to Section 18 of the Acts on Acts, Head Of Nation approve the Asgardia Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAO) Act.  The Act is in effect as of the moment of publication of this Decree.
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