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Seven Pillars Law

Seven Pillars makes the Law work for You. Focussed on our clients, Seven Pillars delivers solutions, not just advice. We are Central Asia`s leading law firm based in Kazakhstan.

We use innovation and out of the box thinking, to put our clients’ interests first. We are dedicated to achieving optimal outcomes, in tight timeframes and for value.

Seven Pillars is headquartered in Kazakhstan and has offices in London, Dubai and Cape Town as well as access to a global network of 850 lawyers.

We are a fashion brand and a guild of freelancers in Japan. Our concept is "Create with Love".

Starshop.space - Asgardians and Residents of Asgardia are invited to become Vendors on StarShop Marketplace.  Start and grow your successful online business with StarShop. We provide you with all the necessary for that.

Jennifer Marketing LLC dba TerraArk Global

TerraArk Global

Marketing, communications & digital events for entrepreneurs, businesses & education entities. 

info@terraarkglobal.com | website: https://terraarkglobal.com

Madhavi Devi Arts and Designer Artwear
Madhavi Devi Art and Designer Artwear, available here now!

Paletzorg is a partnership of about 70 independent small-scale care companies and related service providers in the Northern Netherlands.

Paletzorg will service Asgardia as soon as we migrate to Space.


MAD is a special melange of consultancy services. Inspiring, innovating, motivating, but most of all: fun!

When you're looking for inspiration for innovation, for new ideas, when you want to think outside the regular frameworks, when you could use some renewing enthusiasm and motivation for yourself and your environment, when you wish to discuss your vision or want to 'infect' your colleagues with it then dare to do a slightly mad thing too and contact me! 


We offer best custom electronic, firmware and web solutions as per your request. We specialize in developing total solutions for any of your requirements, firmware and web solutions as per your request. We specialize in developing total solutions for any of your requirements

Interstate Disaster Medical Collaborative

The Interstate Disaster Medical Collaborative  is expanding its vision to include International Medical Collaboration.  Visit us at https://IDMC.us to find out more.

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/isdmc

Facebook: https://facebook.com/isdmc

Pyypl Ltd

Pyypl – it’s your money

Pyypl (“people”) exists because everyone in the digitalizing world should have a chance to use their money safer, faster and smarter than cash. We are a pioneering Fintech company in our region and a passionate advocate of financial inclusion.

We focus on Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia. Pyypl’s innovative blockchain based technology platform enables you to manage your money and use all the essential financial services directly from your mobile phone.

Pyypl is safe, secure, and 100% compliant with all regulatory requirements.

Sierra Mind Tech

Smart Contract Developement
Tokens and Cryptocurrency Development
Web3 Website Development
UX / UI Design
and more.


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