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2 Leo 0008
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Asgardia Registered Businesses
All the companies listed below, have registered them-self with Asgardia Trade and Commerce Ministry.

By doing so they have bound them self to the laws of Asgardia, specially the  Asgardia Trade and Commerce Act  and is ready and willing to bo business within the Asgardia Trade and Commerce ecosystem with Asgardians and Asgardian businesses. 
Seven Pillars Law

Seven Pillars makes the Law work for You. Focussed on our clients, Seven Pillars delivers solutions, not just advice. We are Central Asia`s leading law firm based in Kazakhstan.

We use innovation and out of the box thinking, to put our clients’ interests first. We are dedicated to achieving optimal outcomes, in tight timeframes and for value.

Seven Pillars is headquartered in Kazakhstan and has offices in London, Dubai and Cape Town as well as access to a global network of 850 lawyers.

We are a fashion brand and a guild of freelancers in Japan. Our concept is "Create with Love".

Starshop.space - Asgardians and Residents of Asgardia are invited to become Vendors on StarShop Marketplace.  Start and grow your successful online business with StarShop. We provide you with all the necessary for that.

Jennifer Marketing LLC dba TerraArk Global

TerraArk Global

Marketing, communications & digital events for entrepreneurs, businesses & education entities. 

info@terraarkglobal.com | website: https://terraarkglobal.com

Madhavi Devi Arts and Designer Artwear
Madhavi Devi Art and Designer Artwear, available here now!

Paletzorg is a partnership of about 70 independent small-scale care companies and related service providers in the Northern Netherlands.

Paletzorg will service Asgardia as soon as we migrate to Space.


MAD is a special melange of consultancy services. Inspiring, innovating, motivating, but most of all: fun!

When you're looking for inspiration for innovation, for new ideas, when you want to think outside the regular frameworks, when you could use some renewing enthusiasm and motivation for yourself and your environment, when you wish to discuss your vision or want to 'infect' your colleagues with it then dare to do a slightly mad thing too and contact me! 


We offer best custom electronic, firmware and web solutions as per your request. We specialize in developing total solutions for any of your requirements, firmware and web solutions as per your request. We specialize in developing total solutions for any of your requirements

Interstate Disaster Medical Collaborative

The Interstate Disaster Medical Collaborative  is expanding its vision to include International Medical Collaboration.  Visit us at https://IDMC.us to find out more.

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/isdmc

Facebook: https://facebook.com/isdmc

Parau Ion Intreprindere Individuala

A young company focused on software services.

Based on automatization, AI and ML. 

LifeShip Inc.
Send your DNA, photos, and story to space in a time capsule with LifeShip. Watch as your DNA blasts off to the Moon in an off-world genetic seed bank of Earth. Get 10% off with code "ASGARDIA" and join the Asgardia section of the capsule. Join a community driven mission to preserve the DNA of Earth for eternity and spread life to the stars.
Pyypl Ltd

Pyypl – it’s your money

Pyypl (“people”) exists because everyone in the digitalizing world should have a chance to use their money safer, faster and smarter than cash. We are a pioneering Fintech company in our region and a passionate advocate of financial inclusion.

We focus on Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia. Pyypl’s innovative blockchain based technology platform enables you to manage your money and use all the essential financial services directly from your mobile phone.

Pyypl is safe, secure, and 100% compliant with all regulatory requirements.

SpaceBorn United
SpaceBorn United researches and enables different stages of mamalian and human reproduction in space. We currently focus on re-engineering existing IVF technology for application in Low Earth Orbit. 
Sierra Mind Tech

Smart Contract Developement
Tokens and Cryptocurrency Development
Web3 Website Development
UX / UI Design
and more.


Viewport Media

Viewport Media

Pro. photography | media services 

from stills to VR and multicamera broadcasting

Organization to create a widely supported swarm architecture of a space fleet, to prepare for sustainable living and working in space.
Fine Consulting Agency

We have achieved tangible results in visualizing the final frontier for humanity in Space. The survival of humanity must go beyond its earthly existence. We are committed to creating a better future for humanity that everyone can enjoy.

Space is our only option to ensure our species survives indefinitely. Our agency focuses on programs with that future in mind. Together with our partners, affiliations, and volunteers, we invest in the most scientific, educational, legislative, and spiritual information and ideas to share with those in need and to increase global awareness. The time to act on our future is now, so don't wait to schedule a consultation, do it today!

We believe that any technological implementation should be a combination between Art & "Tekné" ("Tékhne" in Ancient Greek, which is the Technical side of things) in order to achieve its full potential. We live 24/7 in a state driven by the combination of both sides, for our people have it in their veins. We are creators, we question, we improve, and develop State-of-the-Art Solutions for any issue involving Groups of Humans. We leverage the power of Odoo ERP for Hyper-Connecting Humanity, from small businesses to large corporations and governments. Our Cloud Technologies allow us to comply with the cutting-edge security standards and the best RPO/RTO in the industry.
Orbiter.ch Aerospace
Orbiter.ch Space News - All space news https://orbiterchspacenews.blogspot.com/ The Simmer's Area! - Add-on's for flight simulators (FSX, IL-2, CFS3, VS) https://simulators.jimdo.com/ Welcome aboard the "Flagship" of Orbiter.ch - Add-on's for Orbiter Space Flight Simulator (OSFS) https://orbiter.jimdo.com/ O3D - 3D printing https://www.impresion3d.shop/
Letras Creativas de Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa
I like to create spaces, I am a writer and I like to discover worlds in places where the gaze becomes unique and special; there where we can identify with something fascinating and very personal.

The journey of my literary work and some interviews with my fellow Asgardians who have accompanied me on the journey that I have worked with them in Asgardia are part of this material.
Chlerich Group, LLC dba My Tooth Fairy Travels

Welcome to My Tooth Fairy Travels! Our mission is simple: to inspire curiosity in children about the world's many cultures and natural wonders. Our unique Tooth Fairy Journey kit helps children discover new people and places, fostering an appreciation for every culture and individual. Join us in inspiring our future global citizens - because every tooth has a story, and every story brings us closer together.

  • We know that the reasons to travel abroad are many and varied - that's why our products are too. Travel medical insurance for individuals, families, and groups. Coverage for medical expenses, evacuation, and repatriation.
Asgardiens de France

L'Association française loi 1901 des Asgardiens francophones. 

Une Humanité, une Unité
D.O. Solutions e.U.

Offering IT solutions

meet your need
effective and easy to understand
keep your business needs in mind

Maratours takes you to discover the most fascinating corners of the world.
Whether you crave the majesty of nature in remote landscapes or the pulsating of futuristic cities, Maratours guarantees an experience that awakens your senses and expands your horizons. From luxury travel to adrenaline-pumping getaways, every trip with us is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the extraordinary.
EA31337 is a collection of free and open source Forex trading robots and libraries for MetaTrader platform.
Cogni is an engineering and software company with an alternative vision for creating a sustainable new world civilization that benefits both people and the planet. We take a holistic approach that goes beyond politics, poverty, and war to intelligently design socio-economic solutions for maximum societal and environmental well-being. Cogni develops innovative technologies to enable the transition toward an enlightened civilization in harmony with itself and nature.

EmOne is a research and development company. We established in 2015 and its registered office in Bangkok Thailand and 2021 Tallinn Estonia, we’re developing technology to solve two space problems based on our research.

First, to encounter the million-space debris transportation, in-space tracking and recycling to support space cleantech and earth’s material sustainability.

Second, the O2O accelerator is a space infrastructure to save the client’s fuel and time when the client would like to maneuver exchange between upper-lower orbits for support space tourism, space manufacturing and space mining transportation.

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