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6 Virgo 0008
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Minister of Trade and Commerce Ben Dell has repeatedly stated that the Ministry and the Government will not be a barrier of any kind for business, but rather help its promotion and development. 

In fact, the law says that ‚the Government shall facilitate contracts with the Space Nation of Asgardia for the provision of goods and services, and defines a number of ways of how this assistance should be rendered.

This includes, without being limited to, the following measures:

                Enhancing a business ability to export,
                Facilitating technology transfers,
                Establishing fair trade terms in relation to imports,
                Providing relevant information and support related to international trade,
                Representing Asgardia business in bilateral and multilateral trade negotiations.
Asgardia Business Portal is developed by the Asgardia Ministry of Trade and Commerce in a simple and digital way to improve the ease of doing business in Asgardia, especially starting a business.
Asgardia Business Portal operates under the Asgardia Corporations and Enterprise (A.C.E.) Act