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Date : 
6 Virgo 0008
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ABP is a platform developed by the Asgardia Ministry of Trade and Commerce to offer company registration and related services in a simple seamless digital way which is completely paperless. It was developed in response to the quest of improving the ease of doing business in Asgardia, specifically starting a business.

As the ABP strives to provide innovative and convenient ways of transacting, ABP is an additional channel to transact with the Ministry. The ABPl sees the Ministry collaborating with other government agencies, industry regulators and private sector (Banking institutions).

ABP aims to offer a service where you would be able to register a company and on the same platform apply for  domain names, initiate Trade and investment services and even initiate the process of opening a business bank account; all this on one platform. 
Current and Future Services Offered
Company Registrations
Defensive Name Registrations
Company Name Changes
Company Address Changes
Company Director Registrations and Changes
Company Shareholder Registrations and Changes
Business Service Advertisements
Procurement and Tender Portal
Escrow Services and Contract Management Services
Company Dispute Resolution Services
Intellectual Property Search and Registration
Asgardia Business Portal is developed by the Asgardia Ministry of Trade and Commerce in a simple and digital way to improve the ease of doing business in Asgardia, especially starting a business.
Asgardia Business Portal operates under the Asgardia Corporations and Enterprise (A.C.E.) Act